The Dominion Mandate

When God gave man the dominion mandate, it wasn’t mere words (God is certainly not a talkative) it was meant to be man’s daily life experience.

A mandate is not like an optional task, to be decided, whether to do or not. It is totally compulsory and to be strictly adhered to.

Man was created in the absolute image of God, and as He is so are we in this world.(1 John 4:17)

We are to walk in dominion, exercising that authority (under God), over our territory, issues of life and over everything God has placed below us (Gen 1:28). Life shouldn’t toss just anything at us as it wills. No!

In this new year, reign and exercise dominion over everything as you have been commanded to. It is a mandate.



Yeah! 😁🀩 It is here! Are you ready for the ride?

Are you ready to fulfill your goals and get your expectations met? Or will you just be a part of another man’s vision and help in fulfilling their own goals and aspirations?

Are you ready to participate fully in making life changing decisions in the affairs of your life and in your society (is your PVC ready) or you want to remain a spectator?

Whatever your decisions and choices are, be ready to take full responsibility for the consequences, afterwards.

No more excuses. No more blame game.

πŸ€—πŸ˜ Have fun. Love y’all!

Lord, You are my Wonder!

For the journey so far and still ahead, My Father, Daddy, Rock, Pillar, Strength, Anchor, Succour, Peace, Sanity, My Laughter, My indescribable Comfort, I say Thank You Sir.

It has been a πŸ€”…a year of growth and continuous learning. Let’s do it again in 2019πŸ˜ƒ

🎼🎸🎷🎀 I sing praises to Your name Oh Most High….

The purpose of Christmas

A time to love. A time to share. A time to forgive and forget (Yes! It’s possible).

A time to rekindle lost hopes and faith. A time to re-examine the reason for our existence.

Above all, a time to experience the greatest show and gift of love ever! The gift of a Father to His once lost children.

The gift of Jesus. The gift of a Saviour. The gift of salvation. The gift of healing and restoration.

God loved and proved

His love by giving. What are you giving this season that will speak for you even when you cease to exist?

Merry Christmas georgeous people.β›„πŸ’…. Love you all!πŸ’•

Fulfilment in Purpose

It is in the place of purpose that you find true and lasting fulfilment.

Nothing else gives you that genuine contentment and innermost joy, than to live a life of positively impacting lives and putting smiles and laughter on peoples faces and comfort in their hearts.

I wish I had acquired this knowledge earlier than now. But I thank God for His ceaseless mercies and unending faithfulness.








In a class of its own.

Does Love have to be so complicated?

No! Because there is a kind of love that is refreshing, rewarding and absolutely in a class of its own. Starting and developing a love relationship with Jesus goes beyond being born again and surrendering your life to Him.

Our love walk with Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, actually reveals the real you to you. You are unveiled, so to speak.

Your strengths, weaknesses, inner joys, path of purpose and destiny, right choices in career, partnerships and intimate relationships become more clearer and certain.

You become more aware of who you are beyond what you had hitherto believed. It’s a massive cure for inferiority complex. You become a better person because you are constantly evaluating yourself and making the necessary improvements and adjustments…..

And ultimately, you will be that friend, partner, mentor, spouse that people look up to, run to for encouragement and find delight in being with.πŸ€—

World Class love, I can safely call it😘

His Promise

What God promised you doesn’t have an expiry date. Our timing differs from God’s timing. He existed before time and would definitely and certainly outlive time. Stop using your own timing (the clock, your age, friend’s achievements, people’s estimations, etc.) to time and box God. Guess what??πŸ€” Nothing, absolutely, nothing, would make Him do what He knows you may not be ready or equipped for. So, stop counting the time and get busy FULFILLING PURPOSE. According to my Pastor and his wife, LIVE YOUR LIFE, let go of what you can’t change and just live!!!πŸ˜πŸ€—Love you dearies…..